Damn it has been one year on the 6th since Hell Bop Bar has opened. The place that I made for me because, I wanted a place to hang out in and didn't have too work. I want to think everyone for making Hell Bop Bar something special. I has been great and here is to another great year and more to come!!!

And Remember..... Support Your Local Dive Bar!!

Saturday 4th
4-5pm slt - Cosmic Haystack - Live Banjo
5-7pm slt - Floatie DJs
7-9pm slt - Dj Glaisne

Sunday 5-7 - DJ Bats

And of course the Halloween Hunt ALL MONTH!!!!

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Live Music in Hell 

Hell Bop Bar is Celebrating on Year old
and to kick things off on Saturday 4th from 4-5pm Cosmic Haystack will bring the live music to Hell with his banjo... Just bring you the Billy!!!

Good 'ole Country Bluegrass banjo pickin’ with a Cosmic twist! Jazz/Funk/Rock fusion virtuosity . . . on the banjo! Taking a traditional musical instrument and warping it around adventurous noodling.

From Louisville, Kentucky, Cosmic Glenn started playing the banjo at eleven and was soon jamming and playing at local clubs and festivals like the Lincoln Jamboree, the Shepherdsville Country Music Park, the Pine Wood Jamboree, and the Squire Boone Caverns. Moving on, he become a banjo player with the Kentucky Ramblers, opening and appearing with the biggest names in bluegrass: Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, Larry Sparks, Dave Evans, the Osborne Brothers, and J.D. Crowe. Next, on to Nashville to work for the Opryland Corporation as the staff banjo player for the Opryland Talent Agency for 10 years, performing on stage with stars like Roy Acuff, Del Reese, Gene Johnson, and The Reno Brothers. On more than 20 occasions, Miller appeared on stage with Bill Monroe at the Station Inn, Nashville’s most famous bluegrass club.

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Sunday Night in Hell 

Dancing on the bar even, Audra, Zombina, and Thaddus gets down in Hell Bop at Salior trys to keep the bar clean, great sunday night at Ye Ol Hell Bop... Thanks everyone nothing is possible without you

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Pub Crawl Report 

First stop was the Evny Pub... look a sighting of me off my sim!!!

and i was still not back on the sim when I hit the Mutiny Pub&Lounge

here is another pic of Crawlers having a blast at Mutiny...

An I Floatie Hock make it back home to Hell Bop Bar.

This month's Pub Crawl was a Blast and the next month one (june 21st) should get even better...

I want to thank Evny Pub and Mutiny Pub for letting me and my Boppers invade them :)

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SL Pub Crawl - May 24th 4-7pm 

Once a month Hell Bop Bar puts on the Sl Pub Crawl tomorrow is our second one :)

Saturday 24th, starting at 4 p.m. slt. We will be starting out at Envy's Pub and then moving on to Mutiny at 5. We will be finishing off in Hell Bop at 6. Dont't miss it. We had a great time last month.

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