Pub Crawl Report 

First stop was the Evny Pub... look a sighting of me off my sim!!!

and i was still not back on the sim when I hit the Mutiny Pub&Lounge

here is another pic of Crawlers having a blast at Mutiny...

An I Floatie Hock make it back home to Hell Bop Bar.

This month's Pub Crawl was a Blast and the next month one (june 21st) should get even better...

I want to thank Evny Pub and Mutiny Pub for letting me and my Boppers invade them :)

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SL Pub Crawl - May 24th 4-7pm 

Once a month Hell Bop Bar puts on the Sl Pub Crawl tomorrow is our second one :)

Saturday 24th, starting at 4 p.m. slt. We will be starting out at Envy's Pub and then moving on to Mutiny at 5. We will be finishing off in Hell Bop at 6. Dont't miss it. We had a great time last month.

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Hell Bop Radio is now done 
Well after struggling for a few days, with uploading the music, Hell Bop Bar now has it's own stream playing Hell Bop suited music, Mostly psychobilly, I did mix it up a bit with big band, blues, swing and little punk.

I would like those who contributed to this to for this to happen. Like Mariella, Theo and Mikester.

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Don Tikkiman Shirt 

New this week is the Don Tikiman shirt right now it only comes in a blue greyish color... if people like can maybe expand on selection. This simple design is great for hanging out your local dive bar, the beach or a BBQ

Price is only 75ls and comes in jacket and shirt layers

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Hell Hawks 

New mohawks made by flo... Something more to do when I get frustrated at clothing :D A girl has to have her projects.

Flexi Flo-Hawk is brought to a side project of Hell Bop Clothing, Hell Hawks.

Comes in Many Colors to match any outfit. :)

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New Site Up & trying to run 
Hi all well I finally got off my rear and made something of I will be adding things from Hell Bop Bar, HB Clothing and other things related. I hope you all enjoy it and leave your comments :D

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