Cora & Madden 
If you are feeling that your wardrobe is a bit lacking these days, you should really get down to Hell Bop clothing... not only are there tons of stuff already at great prices and a hunt gift for Make Him Over but there is also some newness going on!

How about....For a cool 130L, you can get your own pair of these very cute Cora capris

and...for just 135L, you could be wearing pretty awesome Madden shirt...

So come on down to Hell Bop and freshen up that wardobe!!


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Make Him Over with Hell Bop!! 
I love, love hunts.... but yeah, there are never enough goodies for men.
Make Him Over Hunt, more than takes care of that... and Mama Flo is hooking up the gents nicely @ Hell Bop...

See what you boys can get?

A shirt, sweater and some pants for you guys... Yep, the whole outfit is free...You just need to find it! ;)
The hunt starts Sept 20th! Don't miss out!!

See ya down at Hell Bop!!


Make Him Over Hunt Group

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10L Gets You.... 
Flo rocks... seriously....
Until the end of the month, you can be sporting this entire outfit for just 10L...

Check it out...

Hurry down to Hell Bop before it's too late!!!! This sale ends at the end of the month!!!

Speaking of awesomeness...
Lot's of really great stuff is happening at Hell Bop and more announcements will be coming in the next couple of days.
You don't want to miss them!!

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Poses Continued! 
Where did I leave off last week?? Ahhh yes... Poses!!!!
Keeping with the theme, I have uncovered some more Pin Up poses exclusively from Hell Bop.
Hell yes!! These gals are hot!!!

First take a peek at Darcy

And her good friend Sally

I so love Sally's throw back attitude!!!
I am sure I have said a million times... Pin Up are hard to find, especially good ones... Get on down to Hell Bop and pick up a pack or two! You won't be disappointed!!


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Madden & Manny 
When Flo sent me this little goodie, I had to ask twice.... really??? for both??? all???
What am I talking about??
Madden & Manny

This awesome set with exclusive shirt is available on the goodie wall of Hell Bop for just 10L
That's the entire outfit!! Madden Pants... Exclusive Manny Shirt... and even the bandana!!!

I know I said I was posting poses... but this was too good to skip over and I had to share with you guys right away! Especially, since this is an exclusive limited time offer! Get on down to Hell Bop from now till the end of the month - don't let this one pass you by!



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More Pin Up Poses!!! 
See.. I told you to come back and I would have more poses for you!!!

Keeping in theme with the Pin Up poses.... meet Jessica!

I absolutely love the attention to detail on this set and finding good sit poses is hard enough! Pin Up sit poses are hot!!

You know where to find them!! C'mon down to Hell Bop and snag this set!!!

And hey... We want to see what you do witih the poses!! If you are using Hell Bop poses, just throw something in the description saying so and post them to our Flickr Group!!!!

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!


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Poses at Hell Bop!! 
If there is one thing I can't get enough of... it's poses...
Seriously... if you looked at my inventory, the number alone would make you blink twice. If I showed you why the number is so huge it would be easy to understand... I am addicted to poses.

So it's no wonder why I am absolutely in love with the pose line over at Hell Bop. I find it hard to find really, really good pin-up poses but alas!! Mama Flo got us covered!!

Check these out....

Let's start with my favorite... Sally

These are so classic.... I love, love them!!!

And Sidney is just as hot!!

Really, you need to try them yourself to truly feel it!
Grab your Taxi here!

More poses will be covered this week... be sure to check back!!


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